Salary and long term bonus structures alone aren’t enough to get the very best from your internal sales team.

It’s essential to give top-performing sales personnel the recognition they deserve whilst driving performance improvement from those in the middle-tier and inspiring under-achievers.


This is where employee incentives prove their worth as an effective means to motivate your people to achieve short and longer-term goals, focussing their attention on the areas you wish to prioritise.


Incentives That Drive The Performance of Your Employees

No matter the demographic profile or location of your target audience our fully-customisable points-based sales incentive systems can be adapted to fit your needs.


Accessible anywhere in the world through a web-enabled device and deliverable in 39 different languages, this system provides all the functionality and flexibility needed to manage an incentive program that delivers a measurable return on your investment.

System Functionality

  • Built-in leaderboards
  • The latest in gamification
  • Extensive rewards gallery – from which users can choose their own rewards
  • Multi-currency acceptance
  • Real-time reporting – see who’s engaging with your incentives and who needs extra attention
  • Bespoke branding and page designs
  • Internal communications portals

With our employee incentives you’ll enjoy watching your salespeople set their own reward targets and continually striving to achieve them.

Visual of system

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The Support You Need

Our team of seasoned motivation experts are on hand to provide the advice and guidance you’ll need to ensure that your employee incentives don’t gather dust.


We have years of experience in assisting some of the world’s best known brands to engage sales teams and can help you to better communicate your scheme, effectively interpret and prioritise program data and set realistic and measurable objectives from the outset.

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Our employee incentives ensure that all customer-facing and back office individuals fully understand your proposition;

organisational goals and brand values so they will not only deliver short-term sales but also foster long term customer loyalty.

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