Years of Service Awards

Acknowledgment of employee loyalty is an important part of the recognition mix.

Tried, tested and often expected by employees, loyalty awards are a must have for any business wanting to drive up workforce engagement.


With today’s largely transient workforce, regular expressions of gratitude from an employer are a valuable means to combat employee turnover.

Average length of service for today’s employee – 4.4 years

91% of employees feel that they should be recognised for their 1st anniversary

87% of organisations offer length of service awards

CIPD figures estimate a reduction in staff turnover rates of up to 20% in businesses where years of service awards are used

Years of service awards cannot be overlooked by employers, but budgets needn’t increase as lower-value rewards issued at more regular intervals can have a greater impact on retention and engagement among employees than high value rewards that are few and far between.

Our Loyalty Awards

Our loyalty awards come in many forms, from vouchers and gift cards to merchandise and holidays. These can be ordered on a case by case basis or fully managed through our online recognition portal, combining years of service awards with newer engagement techniques, such as social recognition.

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We manage loyalty awards across the globe, with reward options that are guaranteed to appeal to your entire workforce, no matter what their location. Rewards are distributed from local, in-country sources, so you can centrally manage your loyalty awards in an efficient manner, without the worry of losing local appeal or overlooking any of your hard working employees.

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