Improve staff retention, boost morale and simplify your rewards budget with long service awards that your employees are guaranteed to appreciate.

Loyalty awards are still a vital aspect of any employers’ recognition strategy and are expected by employees at key milestones. However they don’t have to be expensive and difficult for employers to manage or boring for employees.


Our digital reward and recognition platform offers HR professionals the power to easily manage your loyalty awards and improve their value to staff without having to increase your reward budget.



The Case for Long Service Awards

Even with employees changing jobs more frequently long service awards are still important. A more transient workforce still benefits from regular expressions of gratitude based on tenure and performance, businesses just need to be quicker on their feet to get the rewards into the hands of the employees.

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91% of employees feel that they should be recognised for their 1st anniversary

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CIPD figures estimate a reduction in staff turnover rates of up to 20% in businesses where long service awards are used

Reward, Retain and Engage Employees

Employees are less likely to leave and are more likely to feel engaged in their work when regularly presented with demonstrations of thanks from an employer and regular rewards are also morale boosters for whole teams when implemented properly.


While businesses experience increasingly high turnover of staff, it’s more important than ever to offer workers recognition and reward for their service to your company. Especially if the rewards are offset by savings in recruiting, training new hires and increased productivity.


Don’t fall into the trap of thinking just because employees are more likely to seek opportunities in new companies they’re immune to being motivated by milestone recognition.


Using a similar budget to issue lower-value rewards at more frequent intervals can be more effective than higher value rewards held in the distant future, especially for employees not expecting to reach those far-off milestones.

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Flexible Reward Options For Your Employees

Instead of offering an overlooked and ignored catalogue of long service awards hoarded away for your thirty year plus staff, take greater control of when you recognise the efforts of your employees. With a digital platform you’re free to choose whether to start your loyalty awards at six months, one year or two years, and equally free to choose the level of reward at every interval.

Long Service Awards Employees Will Love

Present your employees with flexible, tantalising options for how they’d like be rewarded for their longevity with your company. A digital platform lets your workforce make their own decisions about which rewards make them feel as valuable to the business as you know they are.


Rewards and loyalty awards are at their most effective when they’re truly valuable to the individual employee, and our platform offers your employees the power to choose rewards valuable to them without affecting how much you spend.

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Simple For Your Budget

By combining your long service awards with your employee recognition and reward scheme you’re not adding more to your budget unless you want to. Rather than having a top-heavy loyalty awards model designed only to reward longevity, you smooth the budget out to start your rewards at earlier intervals.


If you only offer a stagnant scheme based on tenure and nothing to recognize your employees for their contributions in the short team, then engagement may suffer. A digital platform offers you a great opportunity to engage and motivate workforce in real-time while reaping the benefits of a revamped long service award scheme at the same time.

Reward Around The World

Our platform lets you manage rewards and recognize loyalty across the globe. Whether you have a roaming sales team you want to recognise or a string of offices in multiple countries in need of a centralized loyalty awards scheme there’s an elegant solution. Reward options are localized to where your employees are based and we work in multiple currencies to make the digital a platform a single destination for all your staff reward needs.

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Measure Your Results

Our digital platform offers a robust reporting module, allowing your business to keep track of the employees engaging with the platform. Define your own criteria for success and track progress while identifying which employees are most engaged and which ones need a boost to get into your rewards scheme.


You also don’t have to worry about completely losing the personal touch. In a changing workforce it’s not always practical to make in-office gestures and employees increasingly value immediacy of recognition. When you do want to emphasise an important milestone with an in-office celebration planning is made simple by centralising all the information in one place.

Additional Features

If you want to expand beyond long service awards alone and use recognition to make a positive impact on your business we’ve developed a host of features to keep things simple:

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Bespoke branding

Keep the Love2shop branding, co-brand the site or overhaul the entire platform with your own ideas

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Peer nomination

Let your employees share positivity in the office and nominate each other for performance based rewards

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Points banking

Encourage teams and individuals to exceed their targets

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Increase your reward scheme uptake and retention with points, leaderboards and promote healthy competition

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Knowledge and learning

Improve the knowledge and capabilities of your employees through digital learning

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Internal communications portal

Create a strong organisation with a unified and engaged workforce with a common mission

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