Employees that feel they have the opportunity to contribute to the success of their organisation and that their ideas are listened to and carefully considered will feel valued.

And valued employees are more engaged, productive and stay longer.


But there’s a problem. 42% of employees have no idea where to submit an idea when it comes to them and 80% have never been rewarded for a good idea they put forward.


An idea generation scheme can yield impressive results for businesses, with innovation-rich cultures breeding success. Ideas can come in many forms, including:

  • A great new product
  • A new process
  • A money saving idea
  • A health and safety improvement
  • A new target market
  • A fresh application for an existing service
  • A simple revision of existing processes

All of which can add up to a more successful business.

How Our Idea Generation Programs Work

We take idea generation seriously. This isn’t a suggestion box sat in the corner of reception gathering dust. We use our online platform as a hub to actively encourage input from employees in every part of a business, from sales teams to office administrators, on the road engineers to accounts teams. And we ensure that you have the tools to recognise and reward innovation.


Using our social recognition system, we’ll provide you with a portal for idea submission, approval or rejection and constant two-way feedback. We would encourage you to recognise great ideas, even if you don’t take them up, and reward those employees that think beyond their daily remit.

Still unsure?

Combine Recognition with Innovation


Idea generation programs can be easily integrated with our other recognition techniques to include peer-to-peer nominations, manager spot thank you’s and years of service awards. We’ll help you to create a recognition hub that reaches every employee in your organisation, from those in your head office right through to a sole representative of your brand located overseas.

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