Health and Wellness

Forward-thinking employers know that it is more important than ever to think about employee health and recognising the role that wellness can play in improving productivity, engagement and ultimately happiness among a workforce.

There are a number of facets to health and wellness, from preventative screening to team events. But don’t be put off by the seeming complexity of this area. There are a variety of resources available to make wellness a surprisingly easy task to manage for any HR professional.

Health and Wellness

Drive Health and Wellness in Your Organisation

The wellness module of our global reward and recognition system allows users to…


  • Attend a health screening
  • Access online coaching
  • Set physical activity plans
  • Plot health targets and log challenges
  • Track upcoming fitness events


They can also be rewarded by their employer for achieving health goals. Rewards are issued as online currency, which they can exchange for their preferred choice of reward from our huge online catalogue.

Still unsure?

Driving lifestyle Changes At All Levels of Your Workforce

Some employers worry that wellness programs will only reward people who are already healthy, and exclude those who are just at the start of their journey toward healthy living. The truth is, however, that wellness can be incredibly inclusive and act as a means to foster teamwork and collaboration. As research continues to support the importance of a holistically healthy lifestyle, wellness programs have expanded to address health on multiple levels.

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