Employee Discounts

Employers across the globe have embraced discount platforms as a cost effective means to stretch employee salaries further and improve the financial wellness of their workforce, thereby reducing stress and improving satisfaction.

By offering a suite of employee discounts that contribute over and above base salary organisations can be seen as an employer of choice in a highly competitive job market. They can improve their employee value proposition and attract new talent.


But for employers with offices across the world sourcing a benefits provider that can deliver discounts to their entire workforce can be a challenge.

Save Every Employee Money – No Matter Where They Are

Our employee discount options are available in 30+ countries, so you can offer a benefits package that spans across borders.


Discounts on merchandise and retailer offers are designed with local recipients in mind, so whilst you manage an efficient, centralised platform, your employees can enjoy a vast array of useful discounts with local appeal.


Our employee offers include reductions on:


  • High street shopping
  • Dining out
  • Hotels and travel
  • Homeware
  • Mobile top up
  • Days out and experiences
  • Gift Cards, digital retail codes and merchandise

Our Employee Discounts Platform

These discounts are accessible for employees via our online portal, which can be translated into 39 different languages.


The catalogue of discounts on offer will display only those accessible to each employee, as determined by their user credentials and country. So you can be sure that all offers are relevant and appealing to each user, thereby ensuring that engagement with the program will be high.

Still unsure?

Maximise Benefits Engagement

Our team of employee engagement experts are on hand to assist you with the communication of your new benefit scheme and to provide valuable management information, in order to drive take up and to measure ongoing usage.


We don’t think that employee benefits should be a simple tick in the box exercise; we believe that they should add genuine value for employers and deliver a measurable return on your investment, so we’ll be there every step of the way to assist as needed.

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